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April 21, 2015 | Blog Team

Celebrate Earth Day with Outdoor Vino poured from Earth-friendly EnVino bottles

You’ve got to applaud Patrick Field for his bravery.

Nope, he’s not a combat soldier. He grows grapes (Field Vineyards in the Alexander Valley, Sonoma Valley and Mendocino). He makes wine under the Katarina wines label, but his compatriots might say that involves more insanity than bravery.

The endeavor that shows Field’s courage is his contribution to the wine packaging wars.

In 2005, Field started EnVino Bottles, to move wine from glass bottles to plastic bottles.

If this sounds a bit like déjà vu all over again, we hear you.

 Think “box wines.”

Think “screw caps.”

Think “kegs” and single-serve glasses and … think about an industry that is steeped in tradition, as if tradition tasted better in a glass than the wine itself.

On top of all that, as we approach the annual observance of Earth Day on Monday, April 22, it might be good also to think about the environmental benefits of recyclable plastic bottles.

At Naked Winery, we’ve been using EnVino bottles for 11 years to deliver our Outdoor Vino wines. It was a no-brainer to use plastic bottles to package a product that would be 1) durable enough to withstand rough outdoor activity, and 2) light enough to find a home in even the most overloaded backpack.

Field hit the market with 187 ml bottles, the first such bottle offered for wine packaging. Since then, EnVino has added 750 ml and liter sizes to the mix. The bottles are made out of recyclable PET resin, and identifiable by the logo to the left. 

“We generate  less greenhouse gas in production, and we contribute less greenhouse gas in transportation,” Field said.

His calculations show a 50-plus percent reduction of greenhouse gas and other pollutants. Using plastic also saves 77 percent of the water used in glass production, he says. In California these days (think “big-ass drought”), that’s saying something.

As with all things revolutionary, the world has been slow to beat a path to Field’s door.

“Customer acceptance of single-serve bottles has been great,” Field says. “The issue on the 750 ml is that wineries are not there yet. It has not penetrated the market as much as the single-serve.”

He says EnVino’s larger bottles have been a bigger hit so far with olive oil producers.

So whether  you celebrate Earth Day by tipping a glass of Outdoor Vino, or olive oil, we at Naked Winery and EnVino salute you.



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