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May 22, 2019 | Food & Drink, Our Wines | Blog Team

It's Getting "Hot in Herre"


Wine is not a fan of heat. Think of wine like cheese – would you send a wheel of cheese to Arizona when it’s 105 degrees? Um, no. When weather temperatures are extremely hot the wine's flavors begin to suffer, and the acid tastes become more pronounced.


So, when's the best time to ship wine? Temperatures above 88℉ or below 32℉ are a danger zone for wine, so be mindful of this when shipping. Our winery and shipping is based in Hood River, Oregon - for us the most ideal months for shipping related to weather are March and September. When weather is a concern, ship at the beginning of the week to avoid extended exposure to excessively hot or cold temperatures over the weekend when your package will be sitting in a sorting facility.

We ship year-round (UPS My Choice), but we also make sure your wine gets treated right from the point it leaves our winery to when it arrives at your front door. Right now (late spring, early summer) is an ideal time before we move to the warm summer months. Once temps get warmer, we may opt to hold shipments until weather permits. Customers also have the option to upgrade to 2- or 3-day shipping in order to keep the wines moving and to lessen the likelihood that they will be on trucks for long travel periods and/or stored in warehouses.


We also get asked a lot about what the best temperature is to store wine once it's received. We recommend that you serve white wine at approximately 46-50°F and red wine at 53-57°F. You should store wine in a dark and cool place. Ideally, all wines would be stored perfectly at cellar temperature, somewhere between 55 and 65 degrees. Maintaining wine temperature is the most important since the more heat and humidity fluctuations, the more a wine is likely to be damaged. An occasional spike won’t decimate your collection, but prolonged exposure — like a week-long heat wave or full day in the car will affect your wine quality. Got more questions about wine shipping and storage? Shoot us an email at customerservice@nakedwinery.com.

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