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July 9, 2012 | Archive | Stu Watson

When it comes to fun, Team Naked Winery reaches home plate every time

When Kelly Antrim and Mike Cranford first sipped into Naked Winery's Hood River tasting room, they didn't know they were about to assume new identities.

Mike Cranford sports a Get Naked rub-on tattoo on his right cheek.

She and Cranford were dining in Hood River, "We thought, 'Let's go somewhere else'," recalls Antrim, a court reporter and single mother of two.

"We walked down the hill, and that's when we found Naked Winery. Mike became a wine club member. We always wanted to start a softball team, so we asked Naked to sponsor us. They said they couldn't (sponsorship was $500), but they offered to give us shirts at a good price. We love the shirts."

In Team Naked Winery's first season during 2011, everyone wore black shirts. Those shirts feature a lot of script on the back, and the words Naked Winery on the front.

"I personally didn't like them, because they don't fit like they should for a girl," Antrim says.

"So we talked with Naked, and they said they had baseball jerseys, but they didn't look right on the muscular guys."

The short of it is, some team members held on to the black jerseys, while several went with the new red and white ones, all of which have the number 69 on the back. They all added their nicknames below the numbers.

Obviously, it's the kind of league where what you wear doesn't matter.

Nor does it matter if what you wear has a number or not.

Or even if it's the same number.

In short, it's a pretty loose operation, in perfect keeping with the Naked value set.

"It's just an old person's co-ed league," Antrim says.

"We play to have fun. Numbers aren't even mandatory. We keep the scorebook with the player's last name."

When Coach Mike turns in the lineup, "that's the way we stay. We don't keep track of hits, just runs."
For Team Naked Winery, after all, it's ultimately all about ... scoring.


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