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April 10, 2011 | Archive | Kelly Medler

What it takes to really get naked

Number one quote in the tasting room, “You must have the best job, I wish I was you”. The normal response is a smile and a short laugh accompanied by the thought in the back of the head of, “if you only knew.”  I think it is time to dispel the rumor of the glamorous life of “Naked” girls and show our faithful Naked Nation what it really takes to Get Naked.

One 24-hour section for Emily and Kelly


Step One: Wake up early after throwing a ski movie premier party and hand bottle 100 cases of wine. Not as easy as it sounds. Plan A, B and C failed and the last barrier was our “standard fitting” did not match the other “standard fitting” and improvisation resulted in Dave B hanging off a fork lift to get the bottling line to start. 

Several hours later and only a few child labor laws broken (8 year old kids make great bottle cappers) 100 cases were bottled. The ten hour bottling process was broken up by punch down on our 2011 Tempernillo.

Step Two: Pack for a show in Bend Oregon. Imagine combining hide and go seek, Mario brothers and heavy manual labor all into one task. Naked Winery West is precisely packed like my mothers pantry and it’s a full-blown quest to find the cases you need. Once I find the cases I need, I utilize my extensive parkour skills to leap frog from pallet to pallet until all cases are safely in Emily’s car. Luckily I don’t have to worry about toadstools stealing my mushrooms.

Step Three: Drive to Bend Oregon. Driving with 30 some odd cases of wine in your car is like to trying to corner with two midgets wrestling in your back seat. Needless to say even a 10-degree pitch feels like ascending Mt. Hood and the drive takes a bit longer then you would think to get from point A to point B.

Step Four: Set up wine show and crash.  Repeat step two, but with less parkour and more lifting. If someone breaks a case of Penetration Cabernet, then uh oh.

Step Five: Run wine show. Running a wine show is part managing a circus, part coyote ugly bar status and part fighting off the giggles and back pain from standing for 10 hours. Lucky for us, Emily found some time to catch up on some sleep before the rush.

This was a busy 24 hours at Naked Winery, but not an unusual one. What to take away from this?  My job is awesome. I get something new and different every day. I get to sample my product while bottling. I get to go on crazy adventures with a best friend. My creative freedom is allowed to flourish in an environment supported by a close group of family. The answer is yes, we do have the best job, but you have to work for it.


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