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Red Hat Society of Glenwood, Wash., flies the Naked Winery colors in annual rodeo parade

"Every so often, the Red Hat ladies of Glenwood, Wash., develop a hankerin' for some whoop-up in the big city.

They load up the buggy and head down through Trout Lake and follow the White Salmon River south and cross the Columbia River and park in downtown Hood River and mosey in to the Naked Winery tasting room at Second and Cascade.

In addition to some stellar sips, the ladies a couple of years back came away from one of their tasting tours with a fresh idea. Tasting room manager Shelley Bradley had suggested that they embrace the colors of Naked Winery in decorating their float for the town's annual Ketchum Kalf Rodeo.

Red Hat Society supporters sport the colors of Naked Winery before hopping on board their Ketchum Kalf Rodeo Parade entry on Father's Day Weekend, in Glenwood, Wash.

Julie Brazil, a school teacher in Glenwood and an unofficial member of the Red Hats, says the club has had a float for 10 years. The last three, the theme of the float has had something to do with Naked Winery.

"The theme is different every year," she says. "The first year, it was just Naked Winery. Last year, it was a logger theme -- just Naked Loggers."

Naked ... loggers? The mind boggles. The Red Hat Society this year embraced a Marilyn Monroe theme, referencing the film, "Some Like It Hot."

Glenwood isn't very big. It doesn't even show up in U.S. Census statistics. At the center of a farming valley just southeast of Mt. Adams, it's home to maybe 600 people.

So when the parade gets going, you're either in it -- or watching it. The rodeo is staged on Father's Day weekend each year. Parade entries assemble in beautiful downtown Glenwood, then motor west about a mile to the rodeo grounds.

The Red Hat ladies of Glenwood have about 10 members. The ones who want to take part in the parade hop up on the trailer behind a pickup truck and flash their best smiles.

"There's also people who aren't club members who join us on float," Brazil says.

"For a small town, the parade is really good. There's lots of club entries. People bring old cars."

The parade rolls out on Sunday morning, the second of the rodeo's two days.

The Red Hat ladies wave to friends, toss candy to kids and -- very selectively -- pass out bottles of Naked Wine to favored friends.

"Tease is our favorite," Brazil says.

Makes sense. Ridin'. Ropin'. And Riesling.

"When we get to the rodeo grounds, we parade through the grounds," Brazil says. "And then we head home."


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