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November 10, 2010 | Archive | Michalec Dave

It's a Pizza Pairing

Its that time of the year when Dave, Jody and I start jones’n for a blowout pizza party. Usually a private event, this year we decided to invite our wine club and filled the tasting room with fellow pizza lovers. In just two days wine club members will be hailing from far and wide to descend on the Naked Tasting room for this gala event. Now the battle to cook pizzas for 60 people is on and we, the three amigos are up to the challenge as pizza sauce runs in our blood. I reign from Chicago and am a connoisseur of stuffed pizzas and Dave from New York overnights thin crusts from his home state. Dave and I often exchange pizzas over bets. My freezer is currently better stocked as Dave lost the last bet, if you only knew what the bet was. Its always win win as we usually share these delicious, contagious, semi illegal pizzas over a fabulous bottle of red wine. My beverage of choice is usually the Oh! Cabernet Sauvignon or the Oh! Barbera. The acidity of both these wines cuts into the deliciously sharp sauce you can only find in Chicago. You’ve all heard that old saying from the band Little Feat, but with a twist…”Don’t Bogart that…pizza!”


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