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May 1, 2020 | Blog Team

It's Not Every Day You Catch A Fish With Your Pants

I sat down with our Club Naked events manager Grace to chat about our 3rd annual Rogue River Rafting trip that's coming up in August. Grace has been on this trip every year, and I gotta say, she got me really excited about this adventure. I had no idea what an incredible experience this trip truly is!

The Rogue River Rafting Trip 2020

What year did you first go on the Rogue Trip? I went on the very first Rogue River rafting trip in 2018 and then again last year.

Have you ever rafted before that first trip with Naked? I had never done an overnight trip before. I had been on the river in rafts, but I had never spent the night along a river where the transportation there was by raft. Which was really cool. It’s like camping or hiking, except you can bring way more stuff because you don’t have to physically carry it. You get really far out into the wilderness, but you haven’t actually done very much work. You just get to spend a casual day on the river. 

People cliff diving on the naked winery rogue river rafting trip

So you don’t need a lot of prior experience to enjoy this trip? No, not at all. For some people, this is their first introduction to camping (in general) and it’s really great. There are people there to help you along the way and they tell you exactly what to pack so that you’ll have everything you need.

What are accommodations like? We stay in really spacious tents, the kind you can actually stand up in. And you don’t have to share with anyone if you don’t want to. So if your significant other snores, they can sleep in their own tent. The guides will come around with a bucket of beers for you while you’re setting up your tent, which is awesome. I mean, who doesn’t want a beer while they’re setting up a tent? 

Tents det up on the Naked Winery Rogue River Rafting trip

How many people were on the trip with you? 19-20 + 4-5 guides that juggle all of the luggage, food, and wine that we bring along with us for the trip downriver. We brought 13 cases of wine on that first trip (plus beer and tequila). While we’re on the river, there is a whole raft devoted to hauling all of our stuff. They go on ahead of the rest of the group in the morning and reserve the campsite for the night. So, we get to take our time and have fun. 

Rafts on the naked winery rogue river rafting trip

What’s the deal with the rafts themselves? I’ve heard they’re pretty cool. So you have different options for going down the river depending on your comfort zone. So, like Goldilocks style, there’s something for everyone. Literally a choose your own adventure situation. The most adventurous option is to paddle down in an inflatable kayak, through rapids and everything. You’re literally your own captain, but your guides will give you direction on how to move as you head through rapids. Also, it’s a fantastic workout. Then there is the paddle boat, where you sit on benches inside the boat with a guide and other people. You all have your own bench paddle and when the guides say “paddle” you paddle. And if this is way out of your comfort zone, you can move into the center of the boat and you don’t have to paddle at all. You can just watch it happen and enjoy the ride. Which is still a very exhilarating experience. Then there’s an oar boat, which is the gear boat. So there’s a guide, with all of our bags and lunch food. There are spots in the front of that boat where you can kick your feet up and chill. We call this the princess boat, so you can just hang out and wave at the other boats as they go by. Any of these options would be the perfect opportunity to start conversations with your guides and the other Naked people on the trip. Feel free to switch up your boat whenever you’re feeling like it. 

Raft guide on the naked winery rogue river rafting trip

How awesome were your guides? We’ve had a couple of the same guides on both of the trips we have done, which is really nice because you get to continue that relationship with them. They are from all walks of life. One of them went to school to be an accountant. One was a nurse, another even went to school for architecture. The thing that they have in common is that they all share a real passion for the river and they spend their time sharing that passion. They are super knowledgeable and are happy to answer any questions you might have or show you how they are reading the river. They do have some fun traditions among themselves as well, like fun games and ridiculous things they do to each other. Lots of dares and pranks. 

What was your favorite day of the trip? There were a couple of moments that stand out. I think my favorite is the evening we called “Fondue Me.” Basically you have to feed someone else chocolate in an arms crossed manor. Which just means get covered in chocolate. And it’s fine because the river is right there, so you can just jump in and clean yourself off. 

couple in tuxedo t shirts on the naked winery rogue river trip

If you could tell someone thinking about signing up for this trip one thing, what would it be? It’s a trip of a lifetime. Everything is provided for you. Like going to a resort, but you're in nature. It's an all-inclusive trip to the wild

Are you going again this year? YESSS Yes! And I’m bringing a ton of costumes. Less clothes, more costumes.

grace the club naked manager in costume

Well, it's official, I gotta figure out how to tag along on this epic trip! Tickets are available now, so snag yours, because this event is sure to sell out fast! 


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