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Liz Marable
April 20, 2020 | Liz Marable

Girls Gone To The Wild

If your anything like me (or most women over 25 I know) your day to day life is hectic. You’re scheduling date night a month in advance and you can’t remember the last time you did something spontaneous that didn’t interfere with an already scheduled commitment… We get it. Some seasons find you totally overworked, overwhelmed, and over it. So, how about calling a timeout? More specifically, time outside... with your best girlfriends on the Oregon coast. (Partners and children not allowed)

You’re girlfriends have been by your side since before anyone called you Mrs. or Mom. Held your hand while you got that tramp (champ) stamp over spring break in Cabo. Fed you ice cream while you cried over every jerk (Chad, Brian, Kevin, etc.) that broke your heart. Let’s be real, BFF’s are the real MVPs of the relationship world. However, it seems that time away with them is typically the rarest of trips, usually having to do with a major life event like marriage or a birthday ending in a 0. The fact still remains that friendships, just like any other relationship, take work (some more than others) so intentional time away is a must.

The dull roar of the Oregon Coast in the height of Summer lulls into a whisper of relaxation as soon as school starts back up in the Fall. Sure, it might rain during your trip this time of the year, but it’s raining back home too and at least you’ll all be together… with wine and hopefully a hot tub. Nothing says girls weekend like a good catch up with your ride or dies and some late-night tub time. I would recommend finding an Airbnb with views of the ocean. Rates are super affordable in the off-season, so as to accommodate a wide range of budgets or for something extra special. 

Long walks on the beach - It's typically a bit warmer on the coast in the Winter and as long as it’s not pouring down rain, a long walk on the beach with a swirly grey sky and tumultuous waves breaking on the shoreline is something I could enjoy for hours. I would suggest a morning jaunt on Rockaway Beach, an afternoon stroll at Cannon Beach, and if weather permits, catch a sunset in Manzanita… They are unbelievably beautiful. 

Brunch - Obviously something that should naturally occur on any Sunday when you and all of you BFF’s are convened in one place together. If you are anywhere near Manzanita definitely stop in and snag a table at Yolk. This stylish eatery is cranking out breakfast and lunch Thursday through Monday from 8AM - 2PM. And if they are serving eggs benedict… just get it!

Crabbing- The Jetty

Fire on the beach- The most fun $5 can get ya!

Dinner in (no need for for a DD)

Naked Winery in SS

Spa day - DIY nails and face masks

🥂 Cheers,
Naked Winery Team


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