Stu Watson
May 13, 2014 | Stu Watson

Fondue Me Party visitors revel in higher fun factor at Club Naked events

               Club Naked team member Cory Cae Williamson helps guests at May 11 Fondue Me Party

What's the connection between fondue and the moms of the world?

Quit scratchin' your head. It's a sumptuous glass of Naked wine (duh-uh).

Proving the point to much merriment, Jeremy Woods settled in to Naked Winery's Fondue Me Party on Mother's Day 2014 with his two favorite moms – his own mother, Jeanie Gundern, and his girlfriend, Kim Grassnickle.

Like other visitors to the event at the Hood River tasting room, they scoured a buffet of snackable (and dippable) items prepared perfectly for Fondue.

Then they settled down with glasses in hand to savor the fondue with a little red, a little white, a little rich, a little light.

Club Naked is the second of two Hood River wine clubs to which they've belonged. Woods, an ironworker from Portland, says the other club was too much about the wine and too little about the fun.

“This club is more social,” he says. “It's a great way to meet people.”

Kim agreed. “We usually meet other people when we're out here,” she says. “Lara is really good about letting us know about coming events.”

On a previous visit about a year ago – shortly after joining Club Naked -- they hopped on board horseback and headed into the woods.

Jeremy can rassle some big iron, but horses? That was a bit nervous-making, he says.

“The only other time I rode one, it tried to buck me,” he recalls. Jeremy Woods, Kim Grassnickle and Jeanie Gundern.

“I thought the ride with Naked would be a horrible idea. But I really had fun. I learned how to back up a horse, and turn it left and right.”

A sip or two of wine before heading out didn't hurt, he recalls.

A fountain of molten chocolate awaits a delectable dip by Club Naked members attending the Fondue Me Party May 11.


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