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April 3, 2020 | Blog Team

Quarantine Cooking and 2019 Making Waves Albarino

Naked Winery cooking during quarantine

When we bottled our 2019 Making Waves Albarino, there was no way we could have known how badly we would all need a good bottle of wine right now. We also never dreamed that we would only be able to wave to our loved ones through screens and at a distance for weeks on end. But since we are safe at home for the foreseeable future, that means we're all mostly cooking at home for the time being too. Maybe you're a Michelin stared home cook, who is loving the chance to make time consuming dishes. Or maybe you're just barely making it by on scrambled eggs, and eating out as much as your budget and local restaurant will allow. Either way, we've compiled a list of easy, delicious and comforting recipes that utilize the ingredients you've (hopefully) stocked up on. These recipes are tasty on their own and even better when paired with with our juicy new 2019 Making Waves Albarino. Vibrant fruit flavors of citrus and passion fruit make this springtime wine an instant favorite. It’s like an e-vite to the biggest party of the year, and your taste buds are RSVPing yes! So make a FaceTime dinner reservation with your loved ones and get cookin!

Indian Spiced Roasted Chickpeas - 

Spice up the canned beans you’ve stocked up on with this uber easy recipe. Not only are these tasty bites packed with spice, crunch, and protein, but they pair perfectly with zippy and bright Making Waves Albarino. It also makes a great appetizer to snack on during digital happy hour with your B!

Get the recipe here.

A bowl of indian spiced chick peas to pair with Making Waves Albarino

Green Chili Stew-

Looking for something hearty but healthy? This quick and easy recipe is perfect for using up whatever veggies you have left in the fridge, while also utilizing a few of the canned goods you have tucked in the way back of the pantry. This recipe should make enough soup to feed you now and later... so if you’re cooking for one, there’s no shame in freezing at least half. A little bit of spice is nice with a crisp and refreshing white wine like an Albarino.

Get the recipe here.

Annie's Mac & Cheese Bacon Remix - 

You may have scooped up a few boxes when you saw them on sale for 10 for $10, but this cult classic gets a major makeover when you add bacon and veggies into the mix. This recipe is basically your favorite childhood comfort food all grown up… and we think its the perfect savory companion to fruity and full-bodied Making Waves.

Get the recipe here.

skillet filled with bacon man and cheese

Instant Ramen Pad Thai - 

When Your favorite Thai restaurant stops delivering and you are hankering for this classic noodle dish, look no further.  Because when this dorm room staple meets frozen veggies, you get the ultimate in quarantine cuisine. Enjoy an easy and comforting soup that pairs perfectly with any episode of The Office and ice-cold Albarino.

Get the recipe here.

Bowl of instant ramen pad thai

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