Stu Watson
March 25, 2013 | Stu Watson

'Manager of Fun' Becky Kinney Morphs Into Naked Winery's 'Secret Weapon'

Becky Kinney demonstrates the Naked kissing booth -- and her technique.

Since joining Naked Winery in the late summer of 2012, Becky Kinney has definitely been having fun in her somewhat-fuzzy role.

Call her a jill-of-all-trades if you wish.

Or, as founding partner Dave Barringer did recently, call her the “manager of fun.”

Becky's OK with all that, but not quite sure what it means. As she looks at all the things she has done, and what she will be doing,  she's thinking she might be more comfortable with the title “Secret Weapon.”

“The things we are at Naked are fun, friendly, unique... and a little provocative and risque, without being trashy!,” says Kinney, who came to Hood River to be with her now fiance, Jake Williams, who works in marketing with local sports gear maker Dakine.

“This company is so fun, so I hope to carry that through on everything we do.”

Kinney worked at Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort in Central Oregon, for the last eight years. A graduate of the University of Oregon with a business degree focused on marketing, Kinney first showed her talents by selling herself to Naked.

She met tasting room manager Emma Rose Rosseff, joined the tasting room staff, saw other needs and raised her hand.

“I just went to Jody and said, 'I can help you guys',” she says.

She helped Club Naked manager Lara Friesen stage the annual Medieval Banquet, and in February 2013, helped staff Naked's tasting booth at her first Newport Seafood & Wine Festival. Now her job duties include more social media and brand management for Naked's different tasting rooms and their different lines, as well as what Kinney calls "web site stuff, advertising, public relations, a lot of Amazon, event and Club Naked party planning and just staying true to who we are in all aspects of what we do."

Looking forward, Kinney says she'll be helping with more wine club events, employee training, staff communication and social media management for Naked's Facebook (nearly 100,000 fans!), Instagram and Twitter followers.

And having fun, as only a secret weapon can.


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