Discover Your Favorite Wines

Don’t know a Syrah from a Sauvignon? We've got you - hello and welcome to our tribe. Naked Winery isn’t about facing down intimidating sommeliers, studying wine scores or detecting hazelnut on the nose. We’re all about drinking wine out of jelly jars in our neighbor’s kitchen on a Tuesday night. We want you to come as you are, drink delicious wine and enjoy yourself. 

Our wines come with tasting notes, food pairings and a clever back label that entails some pretty witty tangents. All of these will give you the confidence to select a good wine for any let’s get together and enjoy some wine.

Wine drinkers can be choosers. Just like the members of any family, each of our wines have their own personality and story to tell - like crazy aunt Helen. Find out more about them and see which wines suits you best.