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Hi, we're Naked Winery.

We believe few things in this world can’t be made better by a glass of wine and an honest conversation between friends.

We are Naked Wines, LLC but all our friends call us Naked Winery...and no, we didn't send you that voucher. We started this thing back in 2005, way before Alexa was sending paper towels to your front door. We've never really been about the awards or the accolades that surround wine. Don’t get us wrong—we make darn good wine—but we do it because we believe in creating connection and celebrating spontaneous, real-life moments. We’re all about drinking wine in our neighbor’s kitchen on a Tuesday night, sharing small updates, big reveals and laughing until wine comes out of our noses.

Our own Naked Winemakers make wines for YOU, and it's been that way since day one. So join us as we pop open a bottle of wine and share time with each other. Drink the wine you like, with the people you love, in the places you want to share.

Visit us in Hood River, Bend, or Seaside, Oregon or venture to our sister tasting rooms in South Dakota! We're also opening up a new wine bar at The Waterfront in Vancouver, WA in fall 2020 - LEARN MORE!

Join our wine club, Club Naked to take part in fun events! 

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