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April 12, 2010 | Archive | Kelly Medler

The New Tailgate - Wine and Corndogs

Snowshoe in the sun, ok. Bring wine for the hike, sure. Finish it with BBQ of corn dogs and red wine, of course.  The first "play naked" adventure was last week. Whites buried in the snow were enjoyed while hiking on Mt. Hood, finished with a tailgate of corndogs and brats for national corndog day. The event was a great success and lead me to reflect on previous tailgates.

I have spent many an afternoon tailgating in the sun after kiting, snowboarding or kayaking and the main course has always been beer and burgers. While these are nice and no one can dispute the refreshing quality of a cold beer, there is something special about tailgating with wine. Wine drinks slower (for some) and it slows down the afternoon to the point where you can truly savor. Sipping wine, contemplating the nuances of flavors lead organically into reflection of the little highlights and joys from the previous activity.  Wine and romance go hand in hand and there is something honestly romantic about forcing yourself to stop, relax and savor a great afternoon. Next time you plan a tailgate after an adventure, I invite you to try it with wine and treasure the moment.

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