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October 20, 2010 | Archive | Kelly Medler

Can you Dress like Foreplay

Our 2nd annual Exotic Erotic ball is just around the corner and all of us here at the winery are thinking of one thing, costumes. With a slogan of "We aim to Tease" the pressure is on to perform. Luckily we have a a plethora of inspiration straight from the tasting room. We thought it would be fun to come up with costumes based on our provocative labels, but we are finding that we are stuck on a few.


There are a few obvious ones. Dominatrix, Missionary or Sugar Daddy. The not so obvious ones like Diva (do you dress like an Opera singer or Beyoncé) or Vixen (fox ears and leather). And then there are the ones that stump us. How to you dress up as a Sure Thing, a Tease, Foreplay or Penetration. A few ideas that have been bouncing around the winery. Maybe a Tease could be a scantily dressed girl with a huge wedding ring or a Sure Thing is that drunken bridesmaid who is recently single. Foreplay and Penetration are still the big questions, do you have any ideas?

We will be asking around the tasting room this next week and will see what we can come up with, but would love to hear from you.


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